Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Writing Lullabies...until they said stop!

So one thing I did, so very long ago, was write lullabies for my two kids. I use to make them up every night, until they said, "mamma - stop singing." Ouch.

Here's Kammie's Lullaby

Kammie’s Lullaby

The day it is ending
The night it draws nigh
And my sweetheart I’ll sing you
Your own lullaby

The sun is a settin
The moon’s in the sky
And I always will love you
til the day that I die

The birds have stopped singin
They’ve all gone to bed
And it’s time that you laid down
Your own little head

So hush now sweet darlin
And Close them there eyes
And your dreams they’ll be comin
On angels sweet time

Helena's for my next post.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Children Say the Darndest Things

Now I know my daughter really does love her brother...in fact, they are quite close. But the other day she said something I just have to share.

While sitting with her before bed, we got to talking. There was some school issue where people weren't be nice - or something like that. So I said to her..."Honey, always remember, we should love our neighbors as our brothers."

She sat for a second then said:

"Well that will mean I won't love my neighbors much!".


Monday, June 14, 2010

Empty Nesters

Yesterday my cousin's son graduated from high school. He is their youngest...which makes them, yes, empty nesters. My cousins are understandably apprehensive about the change in their life - their kids having grown way too fast. It all got me thinking....when my youngest graduates from high school I will be...drum roll please....59 years old...when I thought of this...it set me to thinking...and so like usual kevetzed on the subject and realized...it was time for the talk with my kids.

I sat my 5 year old down - cause he is more open to these conversations - and planted the bug of when he was to have kids. 26 I said. But mommy, I want to wait until I'm 37 he said...no can do little man...that would make me 77 and I won't be able to help you. Am I neurotic or what...which got me to thinking again....got to kick cancer in the can (that would be diet coke) cause even being a yiayia at 66 is going to be pushing it.

So if anyone is out there reading this, and your under 40....and ready to have a baby....do it...now...and do it often. Cause as I always say...it's no problem having a baby at 40, but having a 5 year old at 46...now that's a different story.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Ticket to Australia, "Cause it's Further Away"

Today was a long day. My husband and I hosted a fund-raiser for our kids' school and spent the week prepping the house, cooking etc. I averaged 5 hours of sleep all week - so as I told some friends, my bad personality traits were intensified this week. But finally, party night arrived and it was fun, only my kids didn't go to bed until midnight - which, as many of you know, means hell the next day.

So it was with us today...so much so that as I reached my wits end, I said "I need to go outside and have a break from you kids." My husband shot me a daggered look, and my daughter, with sad anger in her eyes said..."great, so why don't you just go to costa rica, buy yourself a ticket and just go. Or better yet, make it Australia, it's further away." Nice.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Answer Backers

My daughter purchased a really cute book - Mrs. Piggly Wiggle (or something like that). For some reason she loves this book that is all about an old fashioned woman who has cures to children's bad behavior. I hope all this reading rubs off.

One of the problems: answer backers - or talk backers was my favorite - because I have one at home. It's kids that are "sassy" at an early age and always talk back - my kids do that most when they don't get what they want - and being a working mom, who's tired a lot, I'll admit, I give in... a lot.

Now, one of our cleaning ladies once told us - you guys are at the age of most grandparents - and you're acting like grandparents - spoiling your children!! Nice. But have to admit, I got her point.

So today I read this article, "Five Secrets To Stop The Entitlement Epidemic" http://bit.ly/bYERxe from TodayMOMs and got some good advice - it's either do as they say here, or follow Mrs. Piggly Wiggle's advice...get a parrot.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Started

So today I decided, to actually start blogging. Choosing my topic, now that was hard. I work in digital marketing, but didn't want to be yet another pundit talking about how much the digital world is changing right now, and it is. So thought to myself...What is my life? What is interesting or different about it. Well, I'm 46 and I have two kids under 8 years old...I'm a middle aged mama....and that means my experience, as a mom, is a bit different from others. I still share all the trials and tribulations and joy that ALL mothers share, but I'm facing them as I sit on the brink of peri-menopause and a middle-age crisis. Join me as I search for answers, share experience and hopefully laugh...a lot.